xoxo Zhinta

Hi, my name is Zhinta Nareswari.

No, Zhinta is not my actual name, it’s just a made up name for the internet because the real one is too mainstream, in Indonesia probably there are more than thousands people who are named the same as mine. I was thinking about having Alex, as my other name, just because I love the name itself, but nevermind.

Oh, deine Schatzi is my pseudonym, and I have been so in love with that these past two years. Those are in German, which means “your darling”. Schatzi is my most favorite word ever in German, so far.

I lived in the island of Gods, Bali. Now staying in Jatinangor as I already am a ‘Studentin’ in Padjadjaran University majoring German Literature. I was born on July 1997, you can count it yourself how old I am right now because this post has been revising more than thrice due to updates.

I am a beauty enthusiast, really. My favorite Indonesian beauty influencer is Suhay Salim, I know y’all know her. That is why there’s actually a beauty part in this blog, because why don’t I combine these two things I love? Make up and writing. But it’s a real struggle to keep up doing make up related stuffs.

I love listening variety kinds of music, but my favorites are Paramore, Simple Plan, All Time Low, and Taylor Swift. Why no Avril Lavigne? Because she is life. Duh. I listen to some German pop music too, Mark Forster zum Beispiel. Hab’ ihn sehr lieb’!

And yes, I also love to write, yet I am a very procratinating person, a couch potato you may say. So I rarely do so, but I’m trying to write a blog regularly before I regretted not doing so. I write fictions most of the time.

I also am interested in learning languages, but for now the only foreign language beside English I understand is German, still in the intermediate level one but I’m trying to improve.

That’s it? If you wanted to get to know me further, all you have to do is to write and ask me in a proper way for a (at least) nice first impression. I don’t bite, though.


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