The Thirty Days Life of a Pup

I was punished by the Lord to be a dog for thirty days, as for the mission in the past I have failed. I might be forgotten or forgiven, and He chose both. As punishment.
As I was thrown out from Heaven, I fell through the cloud nine as a small dog. With its eyes always tearing on the edge, ears down looking so scared, and a tail that never wagged happily. Such a sad dog, I am.

I’m bleeding, as I reached the ground and fell on a sharp rock. I might end up laying here all day long till my punishment is over, since I can’t even move this furry body.

Barking, or crying as it sounds so, is the only thing I could think of to ask for help. God and the others won’t help though, since it’s on our agreement. Shit, I cursed on myself again and again. There will be no chance I could survive, the humans are just the meanest creatures the Lord has ever made, there is no way they would help and save me. I might only be beaten, thrown, or the worst case probably would be eaten?

This inner talking coversation drains my baby doggy energy so bad, beside I’m also badly injured. I’m tired, and I can’t help these small eyes not to be closed. I’m falling on deep sleep, I can no longer hear anything.

I hear a human shouts out loud, but I’m sure it’s not at me. And I can feel myself flying, but can a dog even fly?! Is it a normal dog dream I’m dreaming of?”You, stupid. Why on the earth do you even have to bring that stupid creature to this house?””But, he’s bleeding!”Oh my God, humans. The ones I’m trying to avoid on this thirty days punishment life. One shouts at each other, the black haired human who’s holding me.

That mad human is still trying to get rid of me from this house, she’s now throwing a bottle to my saviour. A beer bottle, a glass one. OMG, it’s going to hurt this rare type of human being. Yet I can do nothing to stop it.My human is now bending bandages on both of our bleeding wounds. She says nothing, just a smile on her face hiding tons of secrets. As she finished what she was doing, she pats my head with a smile from ear to ear.”You’ll be okay, you’re safe now. Don’t worry!”

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Since then, I might say that we’re best friends. Now I know the secrets behind her smile. She told me about her abusive mother, alcoholic stepfather, her bestfriends who died in car accidents, her boyfriend who took suicide last month, and everything about her desperate life. Most of all, about her suicidal thoughts.”Why is life so unfair to me?” she asked.”Why is life so unfair to us?” I repeat after her. But since a dog can’t speak humans language, therefore I bark.4 weeks I’ve been here, under the same roof with my new “home”. 4 weeks I’ve been listening to all her problems (being helpless here) and her thoughts. Her cries over the nights are my current lullabies, I can do nothing but cuddle her. To let her know that I am here for her, and always will be.

Tonight she comes back late, I greet her with my most cheerful smile, but she reacts nothing. Her current face is the most depressive face I’ve seen my entire life. She opens up the box, where she hides the thing she always comes up to when I can no longer comfort her. She calls it The Blade.She cuts her wrist, it’s usually the thighs — this is so unusual. I sense something goes wrong, and I bet it’s worse. The blood runs all over her school uniform. She never did that, she never let anything ruins her white uniform.It’s my 29th day of my punishment life, where tomorrow I might be reborn and return back. But the Lord really made it as a total punishment for me. My best friend took her life over in front of me.

“It’s okay, you’ll be fine. You’re safe now.” I repeat her first sentences to me as we met.

Tomorrow we will meet again for the second time. In Heaven. If only the Lord still lets me to enter that, as I failed the mission, again.

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