Snow White

Remember the old blue sea I was drowning

The wet blurry nude sand I was kissing

The blabber of the naughty birds flying

And the whisper of a person smiling

I could feel the warmth of his breath

“I’m so glad you’re awake,” he said

Damn, it’s the angel but the death

I’m now friends with as we met


Been days since the charming smile I’m drowning

The bitter sweet his lips I’ve been kissing

The rush of new love it’s flying

As the beat of the heart were smiling

It’s so far our World War III

“I’m so done with you!” he said

That’s how it ended over there

I couldn’t help, but we’re still mate


Been years since the past I’m drowning

No longer lips but the pics I’m kissing

When it’s you I saw out there I’m flying

“Look at that girl across the street!” he’s smiling

His muscular shoulder softly shaking

“I’m really nervous, you know.” he said

“I know.” my inner can’t help but watching

His figure reaching out the girl I might hate


It’s his coffee coloured eyes I’m still drowning

Magnificent charming scent I’m kissing

The romantic sarcastic jokes I’m flying

And the heaven-so-feeling when he’s smiling

He’s now smirking a little bit

I thought I can no longer feel my heart pumping

“I’m getting married!” he said

Now I know how it felt when the world rotating


It’s my litre of tears I’m drowning

The hurt of broken truth I’m kissing

I can feel the rude wild wind I’m flying

Before it’s all goes snow white, I’m finally smiling

(4 Maret 2015)


I had no idea why I wrote this, and where did the idea suddenly come to me, and why did I choose the “snow white” instead of “pure white”. The power of sitting at the edge of the room, eventhough I sat in front of the teacher, while doing a try out. Or perhaps the idea came to me as I finished doing the English try out and there was something about love, or a guy and a girl, or a tale, whatever. PS : I have no idea, okay.


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