(My) Worst Nightmare is You

Gave you all those smileys you want me to

Did it seems pathetic to you?

Last time I checked it was kind like grin of

No no no not like I’m totally pissed off

But I know my eyes couldn’t lie anymore

Hiding the pain behind, wishing if you could see

That there’s a story what’s inside a sight

Where’s the shoulder you promise me?

In the middle of the night I can’t help myself but crying

Where’s the warm hug you promise me?

If the suicide thoughts come haunting me

I’m being caught by the shadow of worst nightmare

Fasten me up on the deepest valley of hope

All I can scream is for a help

Yet no one hears me till my lung is bleeding

I’m so outta hope

Painting the smile on the saddest face

Is like trying to plant a flower in the sea

Arranging melodies make it in rhymes

Put the lyrics after the rainbow

I don’t care because you don’t know me anymore

Oh do you ever know me right before?

Darling but you’re lying

There’s no hug when I’m crying

Those promises are just nothing

If only you know how it’s killing

And these scars start to bleeding

Burning dreams where I think I’m loving

There is no shoulder you promise me

In the middle of the night I can’t help myself but dying

There is no warm hug you promise me

There is actually nothing

Right now I’m being caught by the shadow of worst nightmare

You shook your head as if you don’t care

(the lyrics was made on July 21, 2013 but the poem was written on May 25, 2014)


PS : You can see it clearly that the poem itself contains such a huge depressive message because I was.

PSPS :  I know no one questioned why is my tumblr named my-worst-nightmare-is-you.tumblr.com but I just wanted to share it why, and it’s because it’s a freaking poem (used to be a lyrics) I’m going to share it here. So, yeah basically my tumblr URL is named based on the title of my poem, please tell me I’m not the only one who does it. And this poem is submitted to an international poetry for teens (I can’t remember the exact name of the contest) contest, eventhough I didn’t win, I’m still proud I made it (I mean, I submitted it :p).


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