Been a Long Time, eh


It’s been like two years since I updated this page. (PS: I’ve changed the URL though) And I’m really excited to continue blogging and writing, but the school and upcoming exams, I’m not sure if I could update the blog regularly. Oh my God, but I promise to try my best, because you know, sometimes I really envy people who has such a proper blog and they keep updating like every week or every month, yet here I am doing nothing and whining about life. Such a waste of youth. And the exams are making me somehow frustrated. I feel numb and dumb. Then boom… I started making poems in the exams question sheets, which probably I’m one of the weirdos who does so, and I have got an idea to continue this blog (well I also had an idea to start a new one but nah I’m too lazy) and write such stuffs and post those poems here. To be honest there are also a lot of things I want the whole world to know post here teehee which were like my journey in my second concert, and the first time going outside the country, and the life of being the last year high school student. Phew…

So, I write this on the day after my pre tests, or try outs, whatever you called it. And I’ll have a week free, no, not free at all but I can say so because then I’ll be having no serious test. But on 23rd, I’ll be having exams. Boom… fucked up.


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