Naskah Drama Asal Mula Tangkuban Perahu (versi thedarkangelslullaby)

Tangkuban Perahu

Once upon a time in West Java lived a wise king who had a beautiful daughter. Her name is Dayang Sumbi. She likes listening to music very much. One night, she listened to music when she was feeling so blue or we usually called it galau, accidentally her headset fell. She was too tired to take it. Then she shouted out loud.

Dayang Sumbi                : “Anybody out there, bring me my headset. I will give you special present. If you are female, I will consider you as my sister. But.. If you are male, uhm.. I will … marry you.”

Suddenly a male dog,  named  Tumang, came, he brought her  headset  to Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi was very surprised. She regretted her words but she couldn’t deny it.

Tumang                            : “Here is your headset, Ma’am.”

Dayang Sumbi                : “Aww… thank you so much for bringing my headset back.” *sighs*

So she had to marry Tumang. She left the kingdom (because she is a princess) with her faithful dayang. Then they live in a mansion in a deep jungle. Tumang was actually a prince which he was spelled by a bad witch into a dog.

Dayang                              :  “Dayang Sumbi, do you take Tumang as your husband?”

Dayang Sumbi                   : “Yes I do”

Dayang                              : “Tumang, do you take Dayang Sumbi as your wife?”

Tumang                             : “Yeah… I do.”

Dayang                              : “If anyone doesnt agree with this two mirrage, please speak now”


Dayang                              : “So it has been decided, I now pronounces you as husband and wife”

Several months later, they had a son. His name is Sangkuriang. He is handsome and healthy boy. He didnt know that his father is the dog. Sangkuriang likes hunting very much, he often went hunting to the woods using his gun. When he went hunting, Tumang always go with him.

One day, Dayang Sumbi wanted to eat a deer’s heart, so she asked her son to hunt for a deer.

Dayang Sumbi                : “Oh my dearest son, today, suddenly I feel like eating a deer’s heart. Will  you go hunt it for your mom?”

Sangkuriang                    : “Of course, mom. It’s my pleasure to do it. I will go hunt to the wood right now. Bye-bye, Mom. Let’s go, Tumang!”

Then Sangkuriang went to the wood holding his gun and with his faithful dog, Tumang. But, after several days in the wood, Sangkuriang couldn’t find any deer. They were all disappeared. Sangkuriang was exstremely tired and desperate. He sat below on the tree and talk to himself.

Sangkuriang                    : “What should I do right now? I couldn’t find any deer after several days  hunting. What should I do now?!”

He looked at Tumang. His faithful dog is laying beside him right now. Tired. Then Sangkuriang holds his gun  and shot Tumang right in its tummy.

Sangkuriang                    : “Sorry bro, its doesnt seem right, but I have to find an animal heart to replace the deer’s heart”

*Stab. Stab. Stab.*

Sangkuriang really didn’t want to disappointed his mother so he killed Tumang. Sangkuriang didn’t know that Tumang is actually his father. Sangkuriang went home and bring Tumang’s heart to give it to his mother.

Sangkuriang                       : “Mom, here it is. Deer’s heart. I have been looking for it for several days. All deers were all disappear suddenly. Then I found this only one deer this morning.”

Sangkuriang, Dayang Sumbi and her faitful dayang ate the Tumang’s heart, after they finished eating,

Dayang Sumbi                   : “Awww.. thank you so much, my dearest son. Anyways, where is Tumang? I don’t see him around with you.”

Sangkuriang                       : “Ermmm…”

Dayang                                 : “Where is Tumang, Sangkuriang?”

Sangkuriang                       : “Dude… please, don’t be mad at me if I’m being honest to you. I really couldn’t find any deer at the jungle. And… and I don’t want to disappoint you both. So I killed…. Tumang.”


Dayang                                 : “Please stop Ma’am, just stop.”

Dayang Sumbi was very upset that she couldn’t handle her emotion so she hit Sangkuriang at his head. Sangkuriang was wounded. There was a big scar on his head. Dayang Sumbi also revelled him.


*Dayang sumbi leaves the room*

Sangkuriang                       : “Please tell Mother that I love her so much, I really regret for what I have done to Tumang.”

Dayang                                 : “Oh, Sangkuriang, please don’t leave your mother alone. She is all alone right now. You are the only one she had for now.”

Sangkuriang                       : “But mother told me to go away. She is extremely mad at me right now. So I have to go.”

Dayang                                 : “Take this for your journey, Sangkuriang. Hope you will be okay.” *gives some foods and some money in a pouch*

Sangkuriang                       : “Thank you so much.”

Days by days, weeks by weeks, months by months, years by years. Many years passed and Sangkuriang has grown up to a very strong and attractive young man. But, he still has a scar on his head which was being hit by his mother. Sangkuriang wandered everywhere, one day he arrived at his own mansion but didn’t realize it. There, he met Dayang Sumbi.

Sangkuriang                       : “Wow.. How beautiful is that woman. I need to know her. But… her face looks so familiar, but ah nevermind.”

Sangkuriang                       : “Sorry, Mam. Do you know her? That beautiful woman over there?”

Dayang                                 : “Sure. She is Dayang Sumbi, Sir.”

Dayang Sumbi                   : “Ouch”

Sangkuriang                       : “Aw I’m really sorry”

Dayang Sumbi                   : “It’s okay”

At the time, Dayang Sumbi was given an eternal beauty by God, so she is forever young. Both of them, didn’t recognize each other. They fell in love at the first sight. They chat and share about stuffs until the sun goes down.

Accidentally, Dayang Sumbi hit Sangkuriang’s head and he screamed.

Sangkuriang                       : “Awwwww… Dude, that hurts.”

Dayang Sumbi                   : “Oh I am really sorry, man.”

He take off his cap and Dayang Sumbi almost fainted because of too upset that she is now realized that this man was her son.

Dayang Sumbi                   : “Oh my God! Hey dude, you’re my son!”

Sangkuriang                       : “What? Mom? You’re not my mom, she’s old now! Haha.. You must be kidding me.”

It was impossible for them to marry, Dayang Sumbi told him about that but he doesn’t believe it. He wished to marry her soon. So, Dayang Sumbi gave a very difficult condition. She wanted sangkuriang to build a yacth in a night, she said, she needed that for honeymoon.

Dayang Sumbi                   : “It is impposible for us to marry! You are my son, Sangkuriang. See that scar on your head? I hit you long time ago, remember? We can’t..”

Sangkuriang                       : “Me? Your son? Like seriously, if you were my mom, you would be way older than me.”

Dayang Sumbi                   : “No… you are my son, Sangkuriang. I am your mommy. Dayang Sumbi!”

Sangkuriang                       : “No way! You must be kidding me!”

Dayang Sumbi                   : “Okay if you don’t believe me, fine. I will marry you.. BUT.. build me a yacth, in a night. In a night!”

Sangkuriang                       : “Okay, if I finished it in a night, you must marry me !”

*Genie comes out from a door*

Sangkuriang                       : “Oh, Genie. I need your help, duh. My future wife wants me to build a yacht for her in a night.”

Genie                                    : “Ha.. So easy master. I could make it in less than a night.”

Then he started building the yacth. It was almost morning when he nearly finished it. Meanwhile, Dayang Sumbi keep watching on them. She was worried, the she made lights in the east by waving a orange sarong and she made the rooster wake up. The genie thought that it was already done. It was time for it to left Sangkuriang alone. Without its help he couldn’t finish the yacht.

Genie                                    : “Bah…… I gotta go, master. The sun is going up. Bye bye”

Sangkuriang                       : “Nooooo dont leave meee…”

Dayang Sumbi                   : “Oh man.. I’m really sorry to say but… you failed. I am sorry but I can’t marry you, Sangkuriang. It’s morning already and.. you haven’t finished the yacht I asked you.”

Sangkuriang was very angry and he kicked the yacht, and the yacht turned out to be Mount Tangkuban Perahu. It means, the upside-down yacht, because from a distant it looks like so.

-The end-

(I made this with a help from a friend of mine so please if you’re going to use this took a credit of my site, at least my name -Alex- okay?)

ps : this is for a group english project so we had to play the drama in front of the class and make a script of it, because I couldn’t find any good script over google we made it on our own and voila this is it and our group got 87 as our good mark and I got 86 for my personal play 🙂

sincerely Alex


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