Havin’ My Own Writer’s Name

Since I told you that I love writing stuffs and being unknown. not really, I actually wanted to be famous tho, erm I mean being hidden because people judged a lot. So I started thinking about having my own writer’s name. Since a couple weeks ago I started loving the name Alex. It sounds not too girlish nor guyish, probably used for guys and girls. It sounds so lovely tbh. And I don’t know I kinda bored with having a name like one I used a lot too. I have one already tho but now I think it sounds kinda cheesy so no way. So I already decided to use Alex as my writer’s name but it should be followed by last name and I’m still thinking of it so if one day I’ll post a post in a name “Alex” it could be about me, my life or written by me and so on.


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